Part of my motivation to work on a method for co-creation is to avoid becoming a manager. The Oxford Dictionary lists the definition of a manager asA person responsible for controlling or administering an organization or group of staff.

I do not want to be a manager.

Recruiting a team and coordinating a productive creative process will require management one way or the other, so I need to clarify. I want to develop a method that requires as little top-down management as possible, and stimulates and facilitates self-management. I still expect management to be part of my responsibilities, and through design research I aim to reshape and redesign my role as a team leader.

I have been using the metaphore of a jazzband occasionally so it was natural to look at the way that Miles Davis dealt with his leadership role on ‘Kind of Blue‘, where he set a very specific but minimal set of rules to ensure some kind of harmony while giving his band members free reign.