At the basis of succesful collaboration and co-creation is a team. And how well the team works together is partly influenced by the type of leadership and the structures in place that facilitate communication and sharing within the team.

But a big part of the team is defined by its members. Since I am aiming to grow the team from 5 to maybe 10 or 15 it is important to develop a concept of the character of the team I need and what to look for in candidates.

A lot of research exists on team roles (Meredith Belbin etc). but a lot of it circles around pre-defined roles within the team. Since I am looking for a very organic development of the team behavior I am staying away from this approach for now.

Below are the main criteria that I think can be quantified to some extent.

Since the integration of concept, design and execution is one of the areas of focus of my approach (read more about this here), it is clear that anyone joining the team needs to be a ‘maker’. Each team member needs to be skilled enough in the field of animation or creation of digital images that developing ideas in interaction with the tools is possible.

Working situation
This type of project is going to require some flexibility from the teammembers, in terms of time and scheduling. It will be a slow process in the beginning and towards the shooting period and during postproduction the pressure will ramp up. Also I am looking to some extent for people who also value a sense of independence, so I am making the assumption (!) that most of the team will consist of self-employed freelancers.

Geographic location
I expect a lot of the communication and streamlining throughout the project to be happening through online collaboration and sharing. For this we will experiment with web-based platforms. But to have the possibility for physical meetings occasionally (to develop social proximity)

Communication skills
We need to be willing to share and communicate about our interests and struggles. We need to be able to express our ideas, and to be able to ask for help.

We do this because we love telling stories through images. A passion for cinema and animation has to be what binds us.


With this group of people it is essential to develop a shared belief that the team is a safe space for risk-taking (NOBL Team Design Bootcamp).