In my professional work (and probably to some extent in my personal life) I keep to myself a lot. Although filmmaking is by nature a collaborative process and I work well with others, a lot of the postproduction work I do, I do by myself, in my own studio.

I tell stories through images.

In the past when I have delegated work to others it was usually out of necessity: there was more work that needed to be done than I had time to do. So to make the deadline I would send bits of work to others, with clear descriptions of what I wanted and needed. Sometimes this went well, sometimes the work needed to be redone afterwards because it was not to my standards.

Over time the scale of the projects I’m working on increases, and the stakes are getting higher. I do want to make these films, but I don’t want to become a manager or spend all my time ‘supervising’ (even though the typical on-screen credit would be ‘visual effects supervisor).

So how do I design a creative collaborative process that will allow me to put together a team to work on a coherent unified project, without spending all my time supervising and managing this process.

My best analogy so far is that I envision myself to be bandleader in a jazz-ensemble: I have set some parameters but all the musicians have a lot of freedom in how they move within the musical space and because of a clear shared vision the story remains coherent.

For a while I found this the hardest question to get a grip on. Probably because it is a subject that I have never been trained to think about. From the moment I enrolled in art school I have thought, read, written and discussed the notions of personality, fingerprint, authenticity and authorship. But although I have worked in teams I have never consciously thought about how to organize collaboration.

As an illustration: the biggest project I have worked on thus far (“Identicals”) I delegated work to a couple of people. They never met eachother and never met the directors. This was not by conscious decision, but rather a lack of thought about team process.

My motivation for researching other ways of collaboration:

I think that when people are more intimately involved in a project they will also be more motivated to put their best work in.

By bringing people in on the project very early on, I hope to develop a shared vision between us, that will help all the work stay coherent with eachother without having to micro-manage the project.