Session: Cybernetics

Following up on the atlas sessions I will reverse the perspective and focus the team on a much smaller area to really start fleshing out designs.

Starting out I want to collect our previously gathered material on cybernetics and discuss.

One proposed method would be to create a timeline to describe the fictional speculative history of cybernetics between ca. 2020 and 2070.

Within the team I want to discuss the way to move forward from there.

One of the themes we explored in the Atlas was cybernetic modification.


After researching Miles Davis’ approach to kind of blue, I developed the following approach: we need a precise set of rules to operate within. These rules might entail colour, texture, shapes etc.

The idea is to do a session where we develop these rules as a team and then individually ‘improvise’ within them.

For this particular project I will collect a range of materials and colour samples and textures, that we can select from and organize.

These textures and colours might form stylesheets that can inform the further design work.