Sources and links

Below are referrals for the source material I have been using in my video essay:

Truffaut on the Auteur Theory, uploaded by Criterion Collection, 13 Feb. 2014,

Andrew Sarris. (1968) The American Cinema: Directors and Directions 1929-1968, USA and Canada: E.P. Dutton & co, p 25-35

Blade Runner.  Directed by Ridley Scott. Warner Bros Pictures, 1981

Dangerous Days: Making of Blade Runner. Directed by Charles de Lauzirika. Warner Bros. Pictures, 2007.

Ringelmann Rediscovered: The Original Article: Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 1986, Vol. 50, No. 5, 936-941

Andre Rallet & Alain Torre (2005). Proximity and Localization. Regional Studies 39, 47- 59

Ron Boschma (2005). Proximity and Innovation: A Critical Assessment. Regional Studies, 39:1, 61-74

Mark de Rond (2014). Why Less Is More in Teams. Harvard Business Review,

There is an I in team, believes Mark de Rond, uploaded by University of Cambridge, 6 july 2012,

IMI Masterclass 2, 2016, with Dr Mark de Rond, uploaded by Irish Management on 16 july 2016,

W. Edward Deming: the 14 points, uploaded by DemingInstitute 7 may 2014,

Richard Sennett (2008). The Craftsman. New Haven, USA: Yale University Press.

Richard Sennett: Craftsmanship, uploaded by Museum für Angewandte Kunst – Wien, 12 okt 2015

John Berger. “Drawing is Discovery.” New Statesman, 29 Aug. 1953.


Other sources that I did not directly refer to but were still of influence on my research:

Steve Garner. (2008). Writing about Drawing. Bristol, UK: Intellect Books

Andrew Sarris. (1973). The Primal Screen: Essays on Film and Related Subjects. New York, USA: Simon & Schuster.

Birgitta Hosea. (2010). Drawing Animation. Animation: An Interdisciplinary Journal 5 (3), pp. 353-367.





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